ITE Musical 2017

Call for Original Song(s)

The ITE Musical 2017 will be based on original songs written by ITE students and staff. This process will be curated by Music Director, Mr. Julian Wong.
If you are a budding songwriter, here's your chance to have your work(s) performed in a musical, accompanied by a live band, and even recorded for the original music soundtrack.

Interested songwriters can submit 1-3 songs (3 songs max.), along with the following:
1) YouTube link or audio recording of each song;
2) Lyrics for each song (PDF or Word document);
3) A short write-up about each song: what it is about, why you were inspired to write it, and any other interesting information;
4) Student/staff name and contact number. (If the composer and lyricist are not the same person, or if the song writing team comprises more than one person, please include all team members’ details.

The submission deadline is 1 July 2016.
For enquiries/submission, please email to

You may also contact your respective SDV Officers:
CW:   Jonathan_ I_ S_

Rules & Regulations:
1) Selected songwriters will each have at least 3 sessions with Music Director to refine the work, discuss structure and arrangements, and make any necessary changes.

2) Songwriters must understand that their song(s) and the original book (script) of the musical will influence one another. Any changes made to their songs are purely to serve the musical. The Music Director will suggest these changes to the songwriters during their sessions. Songwriters must be open to this process. (i.e. if you are very precious about your songs, you might not want to apply.)

3) The process promises to respect the songwriter. The Music Director's decision about the treatment of the music in the show and soundtrack recording is final.